Magtek eDynamo Troubleshooting in your iPos Station

iPos Pro-eDynamo Station

Magtek eDynamo

The Magtek edynamo is a 2-in-1 Bluetooth card reader well known for its 2-second processing time. In some scenarios, the reader could disconnect from the iPad or iPos Station. Today, we will teach you how to easily connect it in less than a minute.

Steps to follow to connect Magtek eDynamo to your iPos Station

  1. In Payment Screen press Tap to Connect [Red Letter]

Magtek eDynamo Connect from Payment screen - iPos

2. Once in the card reader setting screen, press Search for Device [Red Color]

Magtek eDynamo select ipos pos

3. After your eDynamo SN number appears, select it.

If that does not work

  1. Verify device was not connected directly from Bluetooth to the iPad. If that was the scenario, press the info blue icon on the right of the device on Bluetooth screen and select the option to forget device
  2. Reset device connection by pressing the reset button for 10 sec (until the red light blinks) on the side where the green light comes (In case you have a Steel enclosure note that there is a hole to access the reset button on the bottom side of the bracket)
  3. Release the button and press it for another 3 sec until blue light comes
  4. Proceed with the steps to connect it to your iPos Station (it will ask you a code once it is connected which will be 6 times zero: 000000 )

Now that you have connected the card reader, you can start collecting payments.
If it problem persist please call (802)255-4767 for Immediate iPos Support, go to our main website, or type the problem in your account chat.

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