A Handheld POS System

Built to Handle the Restaurant Rush

Take Contactless Payments, Manage Operations, & Increase Overall Tips in your iPos Handheld POS

Contactless Payment

Accept all types of payments directly on your handheld POS

Fast and Secure

Let your customers check out while you focus on attending the tables. All data saved digitally

Empowered Battery

Long-Lasting Battery Pack for a full 24-hour shift

iPos iPad Handheld POS system with Contactless Payment
Mobile POS

Increasing Table Turnover Rate

Quickly Create, review and complete orders while in the Rush. Accept all types of Payments: Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay & More

Video Gallery

Give your Customers a Unique Dining Experience

Let your team promote your most recommended recipes with a simple click on the items. Upsell while they ordered

iPos Handheld POS in Payment Screen
Handheld POS on Reservation Screen iPos
Adapt to all Service Models

Streamline Operations

Take any orders from Reservations to Curbside Pickups while you increase overall tips with Tip Emoji Pop Up. Get Notify whenever an order is completed on iPos Kitchen Display

The Right Handheld POS for your Restaurant

iPos Portables

Durable Mobile Handheld POS

24-hours battery life, Waterproof, and Scratch Resistant

3 iPos Portables
Woman with a Restaurant pos system or Retail Pos System, Image use to Request a Demo & be on iPos Blog
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is iPos the right POS for my business?

iPos is great for businesses that want to expand to new markets, achieve new goals ,and interested easy and cost-effective ways to manage their operations.

How much does iPos Point of Sale costs?

iPos is a Free to use application based in iOS devices, which can eliminate the high cost Processing Fees by passing the fees to the cardholder. Therefore, the only cost associated on starting with iPos will be buying your desired equipment.

The most popular iPos features includes our Automated Deliveries, Website Creation, Online and QR Code Self Ordering, Handheld POS, Kitchen Display System, Intensive Analytics, Text to Pay®, and $0 Processing Fees when Cash Discount is enabled. Additionally,  all of our features are developed for seamless operations.

Does iPos Offer a Start Kit for New Businesses?

iPos Started Package is great for new businesses willing to grow while still saving money. Indeed, for as low as $56.7/month it includes 10.2″ iPad, iPos Enclosure, Thermal Printer, 3-in-1 Card Reader, iPos Software and Setup. 

How fast is iPos Support?

In brief, our dedicated Support team knows that your time is valuable, with an average wait time of less than 2 minutes 24/7/365 just the support your business need

Additional Information

In General, restaurants that start with iPos as their Restaurant POS tool see an average sales increase between 10%-20% with Online Ordering, Deliveries, Rewards, Promotions, and Speed check-outs. Additionally an overall tips increment of up to 60% with iPos Customer display and handheld pos.
*Above all, iPos is a Free to Use Platform with no monthly subscriptions, and no additional charges for its features. Indeed, credit card processing charges can be pushed to the cardholders as a Cash Discount Program at a flat rate of 3.89%
**In order to start with iPos your only expense will be to buy your desired hardware. This can vary depending on your needs, however, you can begin with the Started Package for as low as $56.7/month for 24months or a full retail price of $1,194 (10.2″ iPad, iPos Enclosure, Thermal receipt, and  3-in-1 Card Reader)
***Though iPos does not have a contract, note that financed hardware may have a non-cancelable lease
****Since iPos wants your business to grow,  we will help with the menu creation, POS setup, and Support.