A Perfect-Fit Restaurant POS
simply designed for You

Customized Restaurant POS for Every Operation.
Increase efficiency, take orders faster,
Engage customers, drive more sales.

Are you a small business?

Take Your Business Further

Expand Your Reach

Cast a wider sales net through features like integrated delivery and online ordering included at no extra cost.

Optimize From Anywhere

Manage each operation with real-time control and oversight. Free up resources to focus on service and growth.

Achieve More Together

Leverage insights and a dedicated advocate to fuel bottom line results. Rely on personalized support in every step.

iPos System: Countless Benefits
for your restaurant

Your Business is unique, our POS system is designed to match.

Let your staff handle their orders, payments, and updates on the go with iPos Table-Side solution.

Handheld POS

Optimize Quick Table Turn-Around

A Restaurant POS that helps you streamline operations and increase sales, while still reducing customer wait-time.

iPos Station

Empowering your Restaurant with Fast & Simple Interactions

Improve your Online presence and increase your revenue up to 30% with an easy to order website.

Restaurant Online Ordering and Delivery

Simplify the order taking process with iPosEats and Deliveries.

Top of the notch communication between your kitchen and yout Restaurant POS Software.

Kitchen Display System

Seamless Communication with your front and Back of the house.

Starter Kit

Great for businesses of 1 terminal that are looking to grow their businesses

Buy your iPos Station and get ahead of the competition

Starter Kit

Starter Kit

Great for businesses of 1 terminal that are looking to grow their businesses

Buy your iPos Station and get ahead of the competition

Watch the Magic

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    A restaurant POS system is a management platform that allows restaurants to seamlessly process customer orders and payments, track inventory, employee hours. Staff can input menu items, modifiers, prices and quickly process orders. A POS integrates these processes and helps manage critical business data.

    When choosing a POS system for your restaurant, it's important to focus on a solution that fits your specific business needs and budget. Equally important is getting a robust full-featured solution that allows you to maximize revenue. Look for additional high-value services, iPos offers an online ordering platform and free delivery with management capabilities.

    iPos is uniquely affordable because there are no monthly fees. We offer iPos as free software that you can use for as long as you like.
    You only pay for processing fees and hardware. We never add extra charges or fees outside of the straightforward pricing.
    For many small businesses, all you need is an iPad which keeps the costs extremely low or if you already own one, none.
    For those just starting out, we also provide a Starter Kit that has everything you need for a very affordable price. And in some cases, eligible businesses may even qualify to receive the Starter Kit completely free.
    Our goal is to make our POS accessible for any business without expensive subscriptions holding you back.

    iPos provides powerful features like integrated delivery and online ordering website builder at no additional cost. With iPos, you get a complete full-featured POS solution that can be customized according to your business specific needs. As your concept expands, iPos easily scales with you. You also get personalized guidance every step of the way, we truly partner with you long-term.

    Yes, iPos POS provides 24/7 remote and on-location customer support. Friendly, knowledgeable support representatives are available around the clock via phone and online chat.
    When needed, support staff can remotely access customer systems to diagnose and solve technical problems quickly or send a field technician to diagnose and fix problems on-site, setup assistance, user training or system demonstrations.

    In General, restaurants that start with iPos as their Restaurant POS tool see an average sales increase between 10%-20% with Online Ordering, Deliveries, Rewards, Promotions, and Speed check-outs. Additionally an overall tips increment of up to 60% with iPos Customer display and handheld pos.
    *Above all, iPos is a Free to Use Platform with no monthly subscriptions, and no additional charges for its features. Indeed, credit card processing charges can be pushed to the cardholders as a Cash Discount Program at a flat rate of 3.89%
    **In order to start with iPos your only expense will be to buy your desired hardware. This can vary depending on your needs, however, you can begin with the Starter Package for as low as $56.7/month for 24 months or a full retail price of $1,194 (10.2″ iPad, iPos Enclosure, Thermal receipt, and  3-in-1 Card Reader)
    ***Though iPos does not have a contract, note that financed hardware may have a non-cancelable lease
    ****Since iPos wants your business to grow,  we will help with the menu creation, POS setup, and Support.