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Discover authentic soul food in the heart of Miami at iKrave, a successful restaurant offering unique gastronomic experiences.


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iKrave: Beyond a Restaurant

A Ticket to Soulful Authentic Food

In the heart of Miami, iKrave beckons as a haven for Authentic Soul Food enthusiasts. Boasting a distinctive menu, top-notch services, and unwavering values dedicated to delivering exceptional culinary experiences, iKrave stands out as a highly recommendable establishment in the food and beverage industry.

iKrave: Crafting Culinary Roots

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Established in 2018 by the dynamic husband-and-wife team, Eric and Sheena Vandyke, iKrave is a culinary haven dedicated to transporting patrons to the most authentic soulful roots. The brainchild of this duo, the restaurant embodies a commitment to providing an immersive experience in the world of genuine and flavorful cuisine

Sheena’s cherished family recipes form the bedrock of the iKrave Menú, with a culinary tradition further fortified by her father’s three decades of expertise. 

However, innovation is far from excluded at iKrave; instead, it seamlessly intertwines with tradition. This fusion results in dishes that captivate the hearts of a diverse audience in Miami.

iKrave Culinary Specialties


This restaurant is a gathering place for family and friends to indulge in the finest homemade soul food. The menu showcases a diverse array of options, featuring traditional ingredients like pork, chicken, shrimp, and tilapia. Signature dishes such as oxtail and grits, dark meat chicken plates, and chicken and waffles elevate the dining experience to a whole new level.

iKrave also captivates its clients with the sweetest traditional flavors. Its menu offers a variety of waffles and traditional homemade desserts.

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Seamlessly Blending Tradition and Modernity

iKrave seamlessly blends tradition with modernity, managing all operations through the iPos System—a comprehensive solution enabling remote business management. This system provides advanced analytics for agile and profitable operations, reducing food waste and paper consumption. Additionally, facilitates online ordering and optimizes the delivery system for the restaurant and the food truck.

Moreover, iKrave is committed to eco-friendly practices, sourcing seasonal and local ingredients and aligning with vegetarian concepts. This establishment ensures its culinary journey caters to everyone’s palate.

On the Go with iKrave: Food Truck and Catering Adventures

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iKrave is not just a restaurant – it’s a versatile business with a food truck and catering services. You might spot the food truck at the Port of Miami. There, you can enjoy the same tasty southern food as the restaurant but on wheels.

Additionally, iKrave offers catering services, so you can bring its delicious menu to your party or event. Whether it’s a family get-together or a big celebration, you can easily get in touch with owners. Its catering services cover all kinds of events, making it a great choice for any occasion.

More than a Restaurant: a Community Commitment

Understanding iKrave goes beyond its business approach. While it has proven to be a successful venture in the food and beverage industry, iKrave stands for something even greater: a social commitment to its community.

Actively, this restaurant team has participated in various programs contributing to its community. Over the years, it has partnered with organizations such as the Miami Dolphins, World Central Kitchen, and the Superintendent of Miami-Dade. Its mission has advocated for food relief efforts and ensured the safe distribution of fresh meals to communities in need. As a result, iKrave was honored by the Chief of the City of Miami for its significant contribution to the community.

Furthermore, empowering the youth is one of the core values that iKrave upholds. By frequently hiring young individuals, the company is dedicated to instilling in them the true value of hard work and fostering a passion for the community.

How to Contact iKrave

This restaurant is located at 471 NW 7th Avenue, in Miami. It is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 7 am to 9 pm and Sunday till 7.00 pm.  Consult the menu by reaching its website linked here. Also, you can contact iKrave by reaching their social networks on Instagram, X, and Facebook. 

So, don’t miss the opportunity to live this authentic culinary experience. Join the team of iKrave lovers!

iKrave Social Media

iKrave Social Media

iKrave Logo

Discover authentic soul food in the heart of Miami at iKrave, a successful restaurant offering unique gastronomic experiences.


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