Streamline Operations with
a powerful Liquor Store POS

Take control of workflows and gain valuable insights through a fully-featured liquor store POS

Are you a small business?

Why Choose IPOS for Your Liquor Store POS?

Custom-built for your business, iPos delivers functionality that boosts bottom lines.

Contactless Transactions

Touchless acceptance and QR code scanning payment options.

Streamlined Operations

Simplify workflows to reduce paperwork and checkout times for faster lines.

Inventory Accuracy

Real-time stock adjustments keep shelf and system quantities synchronized.

Liquor store POS to take
to the next level

iPos provides a suite of features tailored to maximize profitability and operational efficiency

Detailed Reporting and Analytics

Automated sales reports and insights down to specific items.

Detailed Reporting and Analytics

Inventory Management with Stock Alerts

Automated tracking of all inventory items with alerts when stock is low.

Inventory Management with Stock Alerts

Loyalty Program

Customer rewards program to incentivize return visits.

Loyalty Program

Employee Management

Centrally manage all aspects of your workforce in one digital space.

Employee Management

Starter Kit

Starter Kit

Great for businesses of 1 terminal that are looking to grow their businesses

Buy your iPos Station and get ahead of the competition

iPos Starter Kit
Blue Elipse
Blue Elipse
Blue Elipse
Girl with iPad

Watch the Magic

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    You can easily assign user roles, permissions and logins for staff. Granular controls allow management of cashiers, managers and other roles.

    Our POS supports all major credit/debit cards as well as contactless payments.

    Our dedicated team will ensure a smooth setup that has your POS fully operational within 2 to 4 hours. In-person and remote support is also included 24/7.

    In General, Businesses that start with iPos as their POS software see an average sales increase between 10%-20% with Online Ordering, Deliveries, Rewards, Promotions, and Speed check-outs. Additionally an overall tips increment of up to 60% with iPos Customer display and handheld pos.
    *Above all, iPos is a Free to Use Platform with no monthly subscriptions, and no additional charges for its features. Indeed, credit card processing charges can be pushed to the cardholders as a Cash Discount Program at a flat rate of 3.89%
    **In order to start with iPos your only expense will be to buy your desired hardware. This can vary depending on your needs, however, you can begin with the Started Package for as low as $56.7/month for 24months or a full retail price of $1,194 (10.2″ iPad, iPos Enclosure, Thermal receipt, and  3-in-1 Card Reader)
    ***Though iPos does not have a contract, note that financed hardware may have a non-cancelable lease
    ****Since iPos wants your business to grow,  we will help with the menu creation, POS setup, and Support.