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Successfully run your mobile food business with an intuitive food truck POS system.

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Reliable Mobile Technology

Operate your food truck business from any location with intuitive mobile point of sale tools.

Seamless Payments

Accept every payment type seamlessly, from cards to contactless to online orders.

Built-in Loyalty

Engage regulars and increase average orders using rewards programs and gift cards.

Simplify your food truck operations
with a feature-rich POS solution

Your Business is unique, our POS system is designed to match.

Customer Engagement

Enhance the customer experience through personalized engagement tools.

Customer Engagement

Customer Loyalty

Accept orders from anywhere with a mobile-friendly ordering system.

Order On-the-Go

QR Code Ordering & Payment

Revolutionize the ordering process for on-the-go customers.

QR Code Ordering & Payment

Real-Time Analytics

Access actionable insights on sales, popular items, and customer preferences.

Real-Time Analytics

Starter Kit

Starter Kit

Great for businesses of 1 terminal that are looking to grow their businesses

Buy your iPos Station and get ahead of the competition

iPos Starter Kit
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Blue Elipse
Blue Elipse
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    Yes, our POS solution is designed to support food trucks with multiple locations. It scales easily as your business grows, ensuring seamless operations across all your trucks.

    iPOS supports all major credit cards as well as emerging contactless technologies. We also offer a unique text-to-pay feature. This is very convenient for takeout and delivery orders.

    Our POS is optimized for iOS, allowing you to conduct business from any Apple device. This includes iPhones and iPads.

    Yes, we offer painless onboarding and training sessions both online and in-person. Our dedicated support team is also available to assist with any questions after going live.

    Contact one of our representatives to schedule a free demonstration and discuss tailored packages for your individual needs. We'll guide you through the entire process.

    In General, Businesses that start with iPos as their POS software see an average sales increase between 10%-20% with Online Ordering, Deliveries, Rewards, Promotions, and Speed check-outs. Additionally an overall tips increment of up to 60% with iPos Customer display and handheld pos.
    *Above all, iPos is a Free to Use Platform with no monthly subscriptions, and no additional charges for its features. Indeed, credit card processing charges can be pushed to the cardholders as a Cash Discount Program at a flat rate of 3.89%
    **In order to start with iPos your only expense will be to buy your desired hardware. This can vary depending on your needs, however, you can begin with the Started Package for as low as $56.7/month for 24months or a full retail price of $1,194 (10.2″ iPad, iPos Enclosure, Thermal receipt, and  3-in-1 Card Reader)
    ***Though iPos does not have a contract, note that financed hardware may have a non-cancelable lease
    ****Since iPos wants your business to grow,  we will help with the menu creation, POS setup, and Support.