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Pay only for hardware – our full-featured POS system is completely free.

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Premium POS, Endless Uplift For Seamless Growth.

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$ 120/mo.

Build Your Custom POS

Design a POS system tailored exactly to your workflow with flexible POS pricing.

Price will vary depending on your custom hardware selection.

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Online Ordering

Accept online takeout and delivery orders directly from your customized ipos free website.

Food Delivery Services

Deliver for free with iPos and get access to customer database to retain and retarget.

Dual Pricing Mode

Pass the processing fee to the card holder and your business pays 0.

Gift Cards

Sell customizable digital gift cards easily through your POS system.

Inventory Management

Avoid overstock and out of stock items with automatic low inventory notifications.


Create a customized rewards program to reward repeat business and data-driven marketing opportunities.

SMS marketing

Promote deals and build loyalty by sending targeted sms campaigns to your customer base.

Employee Management

Manage employee information, track working hours, assign roles and permissions, and generate payroll reports.

Thrive in Your Industry with Tailored POS Pricing and Capabilities

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For early-stage businesses and entrepreneurs just launching their ventures, iPos provides powerful features at affordable POS pricing. Quit wishing and start building – we’ll help turn your vision into reality.

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Flow kitchen to table with a simplified system for your best service yet.

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Finally, optimized operations so you can devote energy to real relationships.

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    No, you do not need to purchase any additional hardware from iPos in order to start using our software. iPos is a solution that runs smoothly on any iPad, allowing your business to take advantage of our full-featured software without investing in new hardware upfront. Through our flexible POS pricing plans, entrepreneurs and small business owners can start using iPos immediately with the equipment they already own.

    The iPos credit card processing fee is 3.89%. There are no additional percentages. iPos also does not charge any monthly subscription or platform fees.

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      Watch the Magic

      Request a Demo for free with an iPos Consultant

      We will reach out within 24 hours to schedule the Demo.