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Frequently Asked Questions

What hardware is required to use iPos?

You’ll need an iOS device like an iPad to act as your POS terminal. Other optional hardware includes receipt printers and cash drawers. Additional peripheral devices such as barcode scanners, customer displays, secondary manager terminals and such can be added as needed depending on factors like the size and layout of your business.

How much does the hardware cost?

Hardware pricing with iPos varies depending on your business needs and the bundle or package selected. Some key factors that influence hardware costs include: Terminal devices, include an iPad as the main terminal device, along with protective cases and stands; additional peripherals like receipt printers, barcode scanners, cash drawers increase the cost; number of terminals and bundled packages that provide discounted pricing when purchasing a complete POS system together.
To get an accurate quote, iPos account representatives can assess your unique business requirements and recommend the most cost-effective hardware package tailored to your needs, budgets and timeline.

Can discounts and promotions be customized?

iPos has robust and flexible tools that allow discounts and promotions to be customized according to the unique needs of your business. 
Discounts can be targeted based on customer profile data like purchase history, loyalty tier, total spend amount, or other attributes. You can configure stackable discounts, multi-tier discounts, and expiration dates on deals.
Coupons can be generated for a percentage-off or free item. You control the coupon code, uses allowed, and valid dates. 

Can iPos integrate with my existing hardware?

Yes, iPos is designed to work with most major POS peripherals already in use like cash drawers and printers.

Is there a contract or early termination fee?

Nope, you’re free to use iPos as long as you’d like without any long term commitments.

What payment methods does iPos support?

iPos accepts all major credit/debit cards as well as cash, checks, EBT, Apple Pay and gift cards.

Is support and training included?

Yes, free lifetime POS setup, support and training is provided with every iPos purchase.

What kind of analytics does iPos provide?

Detailed sales reports can be filtered by date range, payment type, employee, customer or other attributes. You can analyze metrics like revenue, average ticket, items sold, peak periods.
Inventory reports track best and slow-selling items, reorder points, consumption rates. This enables better forecasting and reducing overstock/out-of-stock instances. Labor analytics break down labor spending versus sales to optimize scheduling. Timeclock integrations also support payroll processing.
Cash management reports reconcile deposits, payouts and drawer amounts to speed reconciliation and catch discrepancies. Customer profiles and loyalty data unveil valuable insights into customer purchasing behaviors and value.
You have the tools needed to make smarter, data-driven business decisions.

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