iPos Kitchen Display System

Perfect Coordination with our Kitchen Display System for Flawless Order Management. Boost Productivity and Accuracy.

Kitchen Display

All Orders, One Stop

KDS Unites All Order Channels Into One View.

Synchronize your Kitchen Workflow.

Effortless Coordination between FOH and BOH

Benefit both

Front of House:
– Effortless Order Management
– Real-time Order Tracking

Back of House:
– Improved Efficiency
– Seamless Communication

Smooth Operations

No more unnecessary back-and-forth between your tables and kitchen.

With our Kitchen Display System, orders are instantly displayed as they are taken.

KDS, Portable and Ipad Station

Unforgettable Service

Simplify orders as edits, notes, courses, and voids are quickly sent to the kitchen. Give your waiters more time to focus on delivering excellence.

Stay in sync and notify your front-of-house when orders are ready. Elevate your service and create unforgettable dining moments.

KDS, Portable and Ipad Station


iPos KDS is a kitchen display system that replaces paper tickets with monitors. It allows orders, whether online or in-person, to be instantly sent to the kitchen. This streamlines order management, resulting in faster preparation, better communication, and improved order accuracy.

iPos KDS is a simple tool that keeps kitchen operations efficient, while saving costs associated with paper and printing. By investing in an iPos KDS monitor, the system ultimately saves the company money in the long run. Additionally, the iPos KDS streamlines the entire order fulfillment process, resulting in faster service and shorter customer wait times.

Yes, iPos KDS supports real-time order tracking with time stamps, as well as order types for seamless organization of ongoing orders.

Yes, iPos KDS has the capability to manage multiple monitors with specific items going to certain preparation areas. For example, pizza station, salad station, and side station can all have their own designated monitors.

The purpose of iPos KDS is to modernize the process in the kitchen and remove the use of paper. Although a kitchen printer can be used, it is not necessary, as the software gives real-time order tracking and will virtually eliminate the need for a printer completely.

Watch the Magic

Schedule a Free Demo

We will reach out within 24 hours to schedule the Demo.

    Watch the Magic

    Schedule a Free Demo.

    We will reach out within 24 hours to schedule the Demo.

      Additional Information

      In General, restaurants that start with iPos as their Restaurant POS tool see an average sales increase between 10%-20% with Online Ordering, Deliveries, Rewards, Promotions, and Speed check-outs. Additionally an overall tips increment of up to 60% with iPos Customer display and handheld pos.
      *Above all, iPos is a Free to Use Platform with no monthly subscriptions, and no additional charges for its features. Indeed, credit card processing charges can be pushed to the cardholders as a Cash Discount Program at a flat rate of 3.89%
      **In order to start with iPos your only expense will be to buy your desired hardware. This can vary depending on your needs. However, you can begin with the Started Package for as low as $56.7/month for 24months or a full retail price of $1,194 (10.2″ iPad, iPos Enclosure, Thermal receipt, and  3-in-1 Card Reader)
      ***iPos does not have a contract. However, note that financed hardware may have a non-cancelable lease
      ****iPos will help with the menu creation, POS setup, and Support.