Deliver with iPos. Learn the steps to assign iPos Drivers

In this blog, you will learn the steps necessary to assign an iPos Driver to any phone order. Follow the simple steps listed below and deliver with iPos.

What are the Benefit of Deliverying with iPos

iPos Delivery is a free tool that you can use to deliver any orders to your customers’ doorsteps, where the customer only needs to pay the delivery fee of the phone order. As the iPos driver network is free you can promote it on your website, social media promotions, or big posts of “WE DELIVER NOW” to start attracting more convenience-based customers

Phone Order. Deliver with iPos Point of Sale

  • First, Select phone order order type and insert customer name, and mainly phone number
  • Then, select delivery address of the certain customer
  • Go back to Customer details and press delivery button, then choose iPos Driver. Assign the preparation time for the order and start placing the order
  • Once order is verified with customer, press payment and send a text to pay link so that customers can proceed with a secure payment on their side
  • Once Link is sent, saved ,or paid, the Driver will be assign to pick up the order at the store.
  • Your customers will receive a message where they can track the drivers directly from their phones and you will be able to track and get updates on the order by pressing the Track Button located in the Phone Order Tab

Watch Video and Deliver with iPos

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