How to add notes in iPos Point of Sale

Adding quick notes to your Items or orders is an effective way of communicating front of the house and back of the house. Keeping this constant communication is key to a better customer experience.

Add Notes Step by Step

There are two types of Notes:

Item Note

  • Slide to the left the item in the cart that you desire to add the quick note
  • Select the option “Add Note” in Blue Color
  • Then, you can select either a Dynamic Note (Notes saved in the system) or you can create a new one from scratch, example: make it quick!
  • Save it

Total Order Note

  • Left Side Cart Menu, select the 3 Dots on top of the cart.
  • Select “Add Note” button
  • Select either a Dynamic Note or create a new one from scratch, example: Peanut Allergy!
  • Save it

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