Sending Commands to void or wastage articles in the restaurant industry is a very common procedure. Customers changing their minds, and server errors are the most common causes. In this blog, you will learn how to create wastages using iPos Point of Sale system and streamline your operations.

Wastage Items using iPos POS

Dine in Wastages

  • Open the table where the item desired to wastage is
  • In the table view screen, Slide the item to the left and press the yellow color button
  • In case of multiple quantities, you can select the qty of items needed to be wasted
  • then, select the reason and update

Open Order or Phone Order Wastages

  • Edit the order where the items desired are
  • In the Add to Cart Screen, slide the item to the left and press remove. Remove in Open Orders and Phone Orders will be considered as a wastage in your reports
  • Press Update

 How to Review Wastage Report?

You can review your wastage report either on your iPos Point of Sale screen or through your iPos Back Office

Verify from POS 

• Go to the Report Summary tab located in the bottom right corner of the screen
• Scroll down to the section called Wastages
•There you can see and review all the orders and the amount that has been wastage from the Point of Sale Screen

Verify From Back Office

•Go to the Reporting Section on the Left Side Menu
•Press Wastage Report
•There you can filter  by date, employee, terminal and more
•From this screen you can review who performed it and which code permitted it
•To see more details about that order, press the detail link located on the right side of the screen

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