Add Item and Edit Items with iPos Point of Sale

Add item with iPos POS

In this post you will learn how to successfully add item and edit existing ones using your iPos Point of Sale software

Add Item

  • Select the desired category where the item would be
  • Press the plus sign located in the top right corner of the screen
  • Type the new item name
  • Select the available stock quantity(in case of infinite just insert 999999)
  • Insert Cost Price for future Gross profit reporting
  • Insert item Sale Price
  • Select your item modifier group
  • Select Item Picture
  • Finally, press save in the top right corner of the screen

Edit Items

  • Press and hold the desired item you want to edit
  • edit the necessary fields
  • for non-basic item creation, you can select the custom price, custom pounds, SKU Barcodes, Enable and Disable different taxes and others by pressing in the corresponding fields

Watch Add item Step by Step Video

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