Important Retail POS System Features to Search in a Retail Management System


Nowadays, it’s easy to become overwhelmed when looking for a new point of sale (POS) system. There are several options available online, each with a variety of characteristics. You could start to wonder, “What do I truly need? What additional will advance me? Here is a detailed post to walk you through the most important retail POS system features in your retail management system(and which extras will actually help you grow).


Let’s start by assuming that these days, even if you’re the owner of the banana stand from Arrested Development, you’re not simply looking for a regular old POS (by which a cash register is signified). You’re seeking a management system for retailers. 

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Important Retail POS system Features-

Let’s start with the features you should search for in your shop management system’s POS section. The skills you’ll normally need at the checkout counter are covered in this section.


1 Quick Keys & Product Look-Ups


On your POS system, quick keys enable employees to sell a common item by just pressing one button.


The remainder of your catalogue should still be readily available in the interim. When ringing up sales, choose a POS that enables quick product searches or lookups. This search function should ideally be located directly on the sell screen to save your cashiers from having to switch to another screen only to look up an item. This is one of the most important Retail POS system features to look out for.


  1. Split payments or multiple payment methods

eschew the usual forms of payment, such as cash and credit cards. Find a POS that enables you to accept payments from mobile devices. Also, you need to have the option of splitting payments in case a consumer decides to pay with cash, a few gift cards, and an Amex.


  1. Features for returns, refunds, and store credit

Strangely, as customers increasingly favor companies with customer-friendly rules, a store’s return policy may be essential to its profitability.


Because of this, you should make sure that your POS system gives you multiple alternatives for returning things for refunds or store credit so that you may design the perfect return policy for your business. With these Retail POS system features, you can easily outsmart your business counterparts.


  1. Accounts and permissions for users

It’s likely that you’ll have more than one person manning your registers, unless you run a one-person business. To keep track of the sales each individual makes, you need a system that enables you to create a user for each of them. You will eventually be able to create sales goals thanks to this capability (or see if one of your employees is perhaps being dishonest).


Also, you must make sure that the system you chose enables you to password-protect each user and provides you the option of choosing whether or not you want each user to log in after each new sale they make.


5 . Mobile Cash Registers

You can’t afford not to have mobile registers at this moment because we are living in the digital age. To execute your software on mobile devices, you should often search for a cloud POS system that offers a mobile app (such as iPads).


Mobile registers are great retail POS system features because they let you ring a customer from anywhere in the store, which eliminates lines. Also, you may create pop-up stores and carry them on the go! Tablets are just less expensive and bulkier than conventional desktop registers, even if you never intend to move your registers from behind a desk.


  1. Customer-Facing Displays

A customer-facing display allows customers to monitor the transaction as they are being rung on a screen that is facing them (typically a secondary screen). Customers can easily point out errors in the order before it is placed because of customer-facing displays that provide a high level of transparency into the transaction.


If it turns out that this feature is out of your price range, it is surely not necessary, but if you have the money, it should definitely be taken into consideration.


  1. Inventory Management

Whether you have 5 products or 5,000, the next section you should look for in a retail management system is inventory management. The system’s inventory component, as its name implies, will keep track of every one of your products and even enable you to determine which ones sell well and which don’t.


  1. Imports of bulk products

Be sure that the retail management system you choose enables bulk uploads of all your products. When you can just obtain a system that will conduct a bulk upload, individually uploading each thing you have will become tiresome and be a waste of time, unless you only have a few items on sale. Hence, this is one of the most essential retail POS system features for your business. 


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