Portable POS systems, what are their benefits?

Image of the iPos portable pos systems
Image of the iPos portable pos systems

What is a Portable POS?

A Portable POS, also known as Mobile or Handheld POS, is a Point of Sale system that can be moved and managed on the go. Many Portable POS systems are based on Tablets, phones, or portable pin pads


The benefits of a Mobile POS vary depending on the type of business that you have and your needs.

Service Companies

For a Service Company, the main benefit is that you can take payments right on the spot, and manage your customer database while you are on the road.

Food Trucks

For the increasing amount of new food trucks in the United States, one of their main requirement is a system that relies on data so that they can take any payments anywhere and anytime. Even though data is important, Food trucks also benefit if the point-of-sale system has other benefits including Customer Engaging Programs, Inventory Management, and Analytics

Dine-In Restaurant

Portable pos systems offer a number of benefits to restaurants. Perhaps most importantly, they can help to decrease table turnaround time. By allowing servers to take orders and process payments at the table, portable pos systems eliminate the need to make multiple trips to and from the POS station. This can save significant time, especially during busy periods. In addition, portable pos systems can help to make communication in the restaurant more seamless. By eliminating the need to shout orders across the room, they can help to create a more calm and efficient work environment. Portable pos systems are a great way to improve the efficiency of any restaurant.

iPos Portable POS

If you are interested in a mobile POS for your business we recommend checking ours, which includes other features at no cost such as Delivery Services, Online Ordering, QR self Ordering, Website Creation, Reward Program, Digital Gift Cards, and others

  • Seamless Communications, notify and get notify of any updates on your orders in the kitchen while you are on the go
  • Go Contactless, accept anytype of payments by the table
  • iGallery, upsell your customers with mouth-watering videos of your recipes
  • Tip Emojis, increase server tips by prompting tip prompt while taking the payment
  • Team Trainning, train new team members with an easy to use user interface, with item description, pictures and more

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