Boosting Your Business Profits with a Restaurant POS System

Liquor Store POS with Customer Engagement Program

A reliable restaurant POS system can significantly boost the operations of your business. The back of the house is a part of restaurant management customers never see, yet it’s the most crucial aspect of running a restaurant efficiently.

Back of house tasks that POS software can help with

  1. Optimize menu and prices- A Restaurant POS System can help calculate food cost percentage and contribution margins. This can help you fix optimum menu prices for maximum gains. The data gained from POS reports can help you optimize your menu design, and influence how a customer can spend more at your establishment. It does this by offering specials on slow-selling items, suggests items for upselling, or discounts for shifts that don’t receive much traffic, such as weekday lunches.
  2. Track and reduce employee theft- A restaurant POS can track all ordered items. Tallied against inventory, this help reduce employee theft and unauthorized discounts. You can set up the system in such a way that only certain employees have access to certain functions.
  3. Inventory management – A Point Sale system tracks inventory in real time, and connected with sales data, issues alerts when stock runs low.
  4. Analytics and reports- A POS solution can create insightful and actionable trend reports and sales forecasts. These enable an operator to make timely and necessary changes to the operation.
  5. Staff- The kitchen, accounting and payroll departments are part of the back of house. The Restaurant POS System can help track productivity of every employee and calculate their salary even across multiple locations. It can plan employee schedules and improve communication between the front of house and the back of house.

iPOS as a powerful tool for Restaurant POS system

A business Restaurant POS System like iPOS is a powerful tool that can manage a restaurant efficiently. A top-of-the-line restaurant Restaurant POS System can help any restaurant maximize gains, whether it’s a quick service or full service restaurant. Here’s how a good POS solution can help push up profits-

  1. Get paid for sold items- Done manually, a waiter may forget to add a dish to the final bill, which can affect profits. But a good system will prevent errors in billing.
  1. Prevents Theft- A Restaurant POS System can help prevent theft by tracking inventory which, in turn, helps increase employee accountability. With each item recorded and rung up while placing an order, any discrepancy is easily caught out. You can also track transactions via CCTVs.
  1. Optimize turnaround time- Turning tables quickly can maximize sales. The more efficient the table and order management, the quicker you can process customer orders and complete the checkout and billing process.
  1. Loyal Customers- A patron will return if a restaurant offers a good customer service. Repeat customers ensure consistent cash flow. Adding loyalty programs to its offerings also helps draw back customers who have stopped visiting the establishment.
  1. Improves Accuracy- Menu and bar item pricing can be preloaded into the Restaurant POS System. This reduces errors when ringing up customer tabs. A good system will increase productivity and communication, reduce thefts and waste, thus maximizing profits.

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