Restaurant POS Systems & Payment Options Made Simpler for Your Business

Merchants trying to understand the procedure that makes Restaurant POS systems accessible to take payments with their Restaurant POS systems find the payment processing market to be extremely competitive—and perplexing.

With so many options available, selecting your Restaurant POS systems, payment processing partner, and authorized dealer wisely might have an impact on your company’s future.

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Rising Costs’ Effect on Processing Fees


Restaurant owners and managers face a significant problem in trying to control rising costs. The National Restaurant Association reports that since 2021, the Restaurant POS systems– post pandemic restaurant recovery has developed dramatically. Since inflation is mostly to blame for the increase, higher prices are unavoidable.


According to studies on the restaurant recovery conducted by the National Restaurant Association, menu prices at pubs and restaurants increased by well over 7% in 2021 alone. Greater food and beverage costs translate into higher credit card processing expenses.


“Restaurant sales are actually down from where they were prior to the outbreak, for the first occasion in several months, when adjusted for increasing menu price inflation.”


Authorized dealers can safely suggest the integrated processing partners and Restaurant POS systems combination that supports a small business when the owners are aware of payment processing and how it affects their profitability.


Instead of asking a reputable and approved dealer for assistance, many restaurant owners attempt to navigate the confusing world of payment processing. Let’s go over the four key questions that every merchant needs to be able to answer.


  1. How does Restaurant POS systems payment processing operate?

Are you still taking orders and totaling them with paper and pen?


A solid point-of-sale system is crucial for any restaurant’s revenue and general success when staffing is a major concern. One of the main duties of a bar and restaurant Restaurant POS systems system is payment processing in addition to collecting orders for food and drinks.


The Restaurant POS systems transfers each order placed by a server to the kitchen and stores it so that it may be processed as a transaction at the register.


  1. What Happens If Customers Prefer Cash Payments?

Although credit cards are useful, cash is still king. Reliable Restaurant POS systems may accept a number of different payment methods, including:


  • Cash
  • Online credit card payments made via a system for purchasing food online
  • Bank cards (magstripe)
  • card chips (credit cards with an embedded chip)
  • Bank cards
  • Paying with contactless methods like a mobile wallet or tap (e.g., Google Pay or Apple Pay)

It makes perfect sense to optimize your operations with a point-of-sale system now that more consumers are used to contactless payment.


  1. What would happen if a business preferred its present merchant service provider?

What if your present payment processor is what you prefer? A flexible point of sale system, such as iPOS Restaurant POS systems, enables businesses to keep their existing contracts with payment processors and merchant services providers.


In the short run, this might make sense, but have you considered the fees you incur each time a consumer uses a credit card to place an order?


Learn how a Restaurant POS systems system like iPOS connects natively with Electronic Merchant Systems through iPOS Payments by comparing processing costs with a free rate quote. You’ll save time communicating back and forth between systems by using a restaurant management system like Total Touch that interfaces natively with EMS for payment processing.


  1. How does the processing of payments work?

The $10,000 question concerns how payment processing functions. The short response is:


The client, the merchant, and the technology are the three components of the payment processing process.

  1. The Consumer: The consumer uses a credit or debit card to pay for their meal. The payment must be authorized by their bank before they can use the funds to pay your restaurant. The bank is the issuing bank in the case of the consumer.


  1. The Merchant: To accept payments made with a credit or debit card, you must have a merchant account, which is a type of bank account. The company that accepts credit or debit cards is the merchant. The bank, the payment processor, and the business are all parties to the merchant agreement. Prior to money being transferred into the merchant’s account, it must go through the payment processor. 


  1. The Technology 

Payment processing is facilitated by the use of two technologies between a merchant and a client.


Financial Gateway

The first technology is the payment gateway, a platform that links the network processing the payment to the merchant’s received funds. The two banks handling the transaction can communicate online thanks to the payment gateway.


The payment processor or merchant service

The merchant service or payment processor is the second technology. The majority of the effort is done during payment processing. By sending data from the customer’s credit card and bank to the merchant’s bank via the processing network, a merchant’s payment processor controls the transaction.


In order to successfully process credit card payments, the payment processor acts as a go-between for the banks of the consumer, the merchant, the credit card networks, and all other parties involved. Electronic Merchant Systems is an illustration of a merchant service provider, offering alternatives for text/QR code payments, e-commerce payments, and mobile payments.


The correct on-site, cloud-hybrid Restaurant POS systems, processing partner, and support partner may simplify management of your company and enable you to offer consumers exceptional dining experiences. There is never a better moment than the present to move your business forward.


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