Enhance Labor Management with the Best Restaurant Point of Sale System

Your restaurant should benefit from the assistance of your point of sale system, commonly known as a restaurant point of sale system (POS), in ways other than just handling credit card transactions.

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Your point of sale system isn’t operating to its maximum potential if you’re standardizing back-of-house procedures or generating sales data on your own. You’re actually probably squandering time and energy on tasks that could be automated.


The capacity of a restaurant point of sale system to manage labor is one of its strongest characteristics. The last thing you want to do when you’re working long hours in your restaurant is spend more time correcting clock outs, going through tons of checks, and working out labor cost percentages. Therefore, selecting a point of sale system that is designed especially for restaurants will assist relieve some of your workload.


Time clock and employee pin numbers built-in

Your restaurant point of sale system should automate tracking employee hours and determining regular and overtime compensation. Each employee who has a time clock integrated into your POS is given a login pin that they use to clock in and out of their shifts on the POS interface. The restaurant point of sale system should then be able to track and calculate each employee’s hourly wage as well as their regular and overtime compensation over the course of a specific time period.


Getting employee pay correctly is essential in restaurant management. Therefore, make the most of your time by removing the possibility of human error and having your POS handle it.


Permissions for Employees

Using your restaurant point of sale system‘s permissions, restaurant owners may manage the activities and data that each user or role is able to access. These permissions give restaurant owners the ability to put more layers of control over certain areas of their information and restrict access to sensitive reports and customer data. Restaurant owners can make changes to permissions such as making it necessary for a manager to approve voids or discounts. Implementing a restaurant point of sale system with employee permission will ensure that each of your restaurant staff members can only access the information necessary for their specific job function.


Easier Close-Out by Using Restaurant Point of Sale Systems

For owners and managers, some restaurant point of sale system provide shift and end-of-day reviews that make the closeout process simpler. These brief glances into each employee’s status, cash on hand, non-monetary tips owed, and any open checks are regular components of these reviews. Along with giving managers access to this data, your POS system should also make it simple for managers to change information in your POS directly from the review page. Managers can rapidly clock an employee out and change their time card without going to the back office, for instance, if they neglect to do so.


Reporting on labor

Any restaurant point of sale system must have reporting capabilities. Owners and managers who have the necessary permissions can view real-time insight into total labor and pay as well as comprehensive information about each employee’s productivity thanks to labor and payroll reports. The employees who are taking the most orders, receiving the biggest average tips, and serving the tables the fastest should be easy to identify in these reports, as should labor cost percentages. Each of these factors sheds light on variations in employee performance and aids in the identification of potential training opportunities. Cloud-based restaurant point of sale system offer the benefit of making this data accessible from anywhere, using any internet-capable device, as well as in real time.


Restaurant Point of Sale Systems Help in Executing Payroll

Numerous POS systems can also process payroll. You are wasting time manually entering and editing employee hours into two systems if your payroll and point of sale are currently run through two different systems.


While adhering to various labour laws, rules, and regulations, some POS systems feature payroll connections that can automatically calculate overtime pay across various locations. Payroll has very little room for human error because precise numbers and accurate calculations are required. For the success of your restaurant, adopting workforce management that is integrated into your restaurant point of sale system platform can be essential.


Making sure payments are easy

The capability of a competent restaurant point of sale system to maintain employee satisfaction by providing smooth payments for all staff members is another crucial feature. To ensure complete transparency, employees should also have access to an employee portal where they can set up direct deposit, read their statements, view previous paychecks, view the current rate of pay, and access other important information about their jobs. This keeps team members informed and reduces pay-related uncertainty.

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