Handheld POS System : Everything You Need To Know

If you study the current market closely, you’ll find most businesses struggling to survive. The clever ones have already started looking for the best survival options, of which one is the Point Of Sale or POS system. Most businesses have started relying more on POS systems – particularly handheld POS system – for better growth, marketing reach, and more satisfied customers. 

When it comes to POS systems, it’s all about the hardware and software only. While the hardware mostly is about the cash register, receipt printers, barcode scanners, and more, none of us talk much about the handheld POS system. What is this system? Here is everything you need to know –

What Is A Handheld POS System?

A Handheld POS system – or a mobile POS system – is a wireless portal or device that is mostly used to make secure electronic and card payments across any retail location. The POS unit reads the information from a customer’s credit or debit card, checks available funds, transfers funds from the customer’s account to the seller’s account, records the transaction, and prints a receipt.

Why should a handheld POS system be preferred? It’s because a POS system combines the excellence of the hardware and software to start and complete all transactions.

How Does This System Benefit Your Store?

One of the worst experiences that a customer can have while visiting a store is waiting in a long queue at the checkout counter. A handheld POS system solves this problem. It greatly minimizes the waiting and queuing times at the checkout counter. And that’s not all. This type of POS hardware also supports retail staff to be more adaptable and stay close to customers during the whole shopping journey in your store.

One of the best features of a handheld POS system is that it is much cheaper and easier to use than traditional POS systems. Let’s break down the pricing factor. A traditional POS system will cost you around $1500 extra with a cash register and a receipt printer, and we have not even considered the fees charged by the credit card service providers.

But a mobile POS system cuts down this major cost with the system that leverages apps on your mobile device and makes it more convenient by offering a single rate.

What Is Better – A Traditional POS System Or A Mobile POS System?

Well, by all means, it seems that a mobile POS system is the best option for your business. It is a portable portal and eases the payment by the customers, making it safe at the same time. It is going to cut down some major costs and is worth investing in as well!

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