Which inventory type
is right for you?


A perpetual inventory tracking system records adjustments to inventory balances after every transaction through your POS inventory systems. 

A perpetual inventory system allows you to access the balance in your inventory account at any time.

Just in time

The just in time inventory system allows you to order inventory only as you need it. 

Stock in, Stock out

Bulk discounting

Daily and weekly specials

Both inventory systems may minimize the costs of ordering and carrying inventory.
We combined them both so you can do you, your way.

Advantages of using iPosOS as an Inventory Management solution

Automatic Inventory Tracking

Both small and large firms benefit due to the cost associated with carrying too much or too little inventory.

Generates Reports Automatically

Both sales and inventory reports can be generated for any time period.

Increases Business Profitability

By lowering the costs of carrying and ordering inventory, the profitability of the business will improve.

Allows for remote management

If a business has more than one location, the owner or manager does not have to worry about theft of inventory since the POS system keeps track.

Allows for Dynamic Inventory Management

By lowering the costs of carrying and ordering inventory, the profitability of the business will improve.

No-Contact Transactions

Stock in / Stock out.

Facial Recognition

Now you can elevate your clients dining experience like never before. Astonishing features designed to empower your servers so they can increase overall sales with an incredibly easy to use interface.

We Dont Believe
In Fees.

No setup fee. No menu creating fees. no fees billed annually/monthly. No onsite install fees. No long term contract/cancellation fees. No fee to configure your internet network with backup LTE router. No credit card processing fee if option is selected.

Support From a Real Team

At iPos, we understand the importance of support. With every new account, you will have the option to be included in a text message group chat with our support team. Any issues, any requests, can be looked at and handled within minutes.

24/7 Personalized Support

Our system is cloud based, meaning most fixes can be handled remotely, within minutes.

Video Call Support

If an issue has some complexities, use video calls to easily troubleshoot any problem.

Text Message Support

Anywhere, anytime. Receive support anywhere you can send a text.