How Handheld POS Systems for Restaurant Increases Your Profits

Handheld iPos Example


Two of the most crucial factors in the restaurant business are speed and accuracy. Restaurants have learned through time that a dependable POS system may help them improve both.  And like any technology, these POS systems have grown to make your business more efficient than before. Handheld POS systems for restaurant can help keep running your restaurant business successfully and with ease too. These devices allow your wait staff to serve each table directly, boosting flexibility, speed and accuracy of your restaurant’s service. Better yet, these functions are complemented by cloud technology which tracks and maintains data for your business in a central location. Let’s investigate six ways handhelds can improve service at your restaurant.

Enhanced portability, flexibility, and speed

The flexibility of your restaurant staff is increased by handheld POS systems for restaurant devices. Staff can take orders from customers anywhere, like the drive-through line. Portability speeds up service and simplifies expansion for your restaurant.

How simple would it be to process payments with a mobile POS device in the early COVID-19-caused isolation when restaurants were setting up pick-up tables in their parking lots? Applicable to various situations: food trucks, farmers markets, urban walk-up services. Handheld POS systems enable seamless service changes without customer impact.

Handheld POS is simple to use

  1. Handheld POS systems for restaurants are user-friendly unlike other complex technologies.
  2. Handhelds enable fast capacity increases and service menu alterations.
  3. Portable POS systems have user-friendly interfaces, enabling quick staff training and faster customer service.

Customer happiness increases with faster service

If you put yourself in your servers’ position, you’ll quickly realize how much time is lost walking from each customer’s table to the main POS terminal to enter orders. Spending that time crossing the restaurant could be better used to serve more customers and boost sales. Since they spend less time crossing the restaurant to take orders, your servers can deliver meals to customers more quickly, improving customer service and making diners happier overall.

Your waitstaff can track customer orders in real-time and even make specific requests for extra sauces with handheld POS systems for restaurants, which lowers the possibility that they will enter customer orders incorrectly. Speed is one of the most important factors in running a successful restaurant, and a handheld POS can help you accomplish this goal.

More table turns translate into more revenue

Providing customers with quicker service can, as we’ve already mentioned, not only make them happier but also boost business for your restaurant. Once more, because your waitstaff is spending less time going back and forth to enter orders on a POS on the counter, they are able to serve more tables more quickly and produce more table turns.

Before moving on to the next table, they can quickly take orders and accept payment using the mobile device. In order to give the next group more time to enter, customers receive their orders, eat their meals, and pay for their tickets more quickly.

Your restaurant’s overall sales can rise by turning over more tables in a single day. These portable handheld POS systems for restaurant can simultaneously improve your customer service and increase your revenue.


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