Bar / Nightclub

Today’s demands calls for convenient & quick ordering. iPos Point of Sale system has the solutions that will not break the bank.

Keep up with the rush, effortlessly.

Delivery Service

Empower your business now with your own iPos Driver Network who are ready to deliver your orders at your command with complete automation so you can focus on what you do best.

Stand Out With Digital Marketing

Easy to start digital gift cards that allows you to build your customer database.


Ability to customize loyalty points based on frequency of visits.

Portable Solutions

Run your business liek a pro while taking orders, accepting payments, engaging your clients with immersive visualization of your menu. Your new completely customizable portable solution.

Customer Display

A powerful & insightful way to immerse your clients, promote loyalty programs, promote new menu items, and so much more.

Gift Cards

Easy to start digital gift cards that allows you to build your customer database.

Merchant Services

Access funds in as soon as 6 hours with options where you pay no fees at all or a small flat rate fee. The decision is all yours.

Manual Sales

Quickly and easily make adjustments to item costs.

Text Invoicing

Give your staff the ability to send invoices via text. Collect deposits on large orders with ease. 

Facial Recognition for Security

iPosOS uses the newest Face-ID authentication, for staff and manager login. Staff can now clock in and clock out promptly with face recognition. iPos can assist in the management of employee shifts and auto calculates commission based on shifts worked.

We Dont Believe
In Fees.

No setup fee. No menu creating fees. no fees billed annually/monthly. No onsite install fees. No long term contract/cancellation fees. No fee to configure your internet network with backup LTE router. No credit card processing fee if option is selected.

Support From a Real Team

At iPos, we understand the importance of support. With every new account, you will have the option to be included in a text message group chat with our support team. Any issues, any requests, can be looked at and handled within minutes.

24/7 Personalized Support

Our system is cloud based, meaning most fixes can be handled remotely, within minutes.

Video Call Support

If an issue has some complexities, use video calls to easily troubleshoot any problem.

Text Message Support

Anywhere, anytime. Receive support anywhere you can send a text.